Mater is excited to now offer all Mater Private patients a premium free Patient Entertainment and Wi-Fi service. [Read More]

Mater private patients now have access to free, premium Wi-Fi
Mater has announced its Director, Neurosciences—Dr Michael O'Sullivan. [Read More]

Memo from Sean Hubbard, Chief Operating Officer, Mater Health—appointment of Director, Neurosciences
Mater has welcomed Ms Susan Rix AM to the Mater Group Board. [Read More]

Susan Rix appointed to Mater Group Board
Mater has engaged Deloitte to support the development of a Clinical Services Strategy and Plan for Mater Health. [Read More]

Memo from Dr Shane Kelly, Group Chief Executive Officer—Clinical Services planning
Mercy Super is pleased to report that they wrapped up 2016 strongly with their MySuper Balanced Growth option achieving a return of 10.27 per... [Read More]

Mercy Super wraps up 2016 with strong investment performance
Due to Pregnancy Assessment Centre building works, the back corridor access to Birth Suite (the lift end) will be closed until Monday 20... [Read More]

Restricted access—Mater Mothers' Birth Suite
Café on 3 has been closed for some months to enable refurbishments to the kitchen for the roll out of room service across campus. [Read More]

Café on 3 update
The following is an update on some of the exceptional work that has been delivered by our workstreams to date, as part of the broader... [Read More]

Exceptional Every Time—workstream update

Business Notices

State of Mater

State of Mater—14 December 2016

The following information is a summary from the State of Mater meeting held on 14 December 2016 2016 at 12.30 pm.

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State of Mater - 16 November 2016

The following information is a summary from the State of Mater meeting held on Wednesday 16 November 2016 at 12.30 pm.This document is produced for distribution to senior Mater staff with a view to ensuring a consistent and credible flow of information throughout the organisation. Please share this information with your staff.

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State of Mater - 19 October 2016

The following information is a summary from the State of Mater meeting held on 19 October 2016 at 12.30 pm.This document is produced for distribution to senior Mater staff with a view to ensuring a consistent and credible flow of information throughout the organisation. Please share this information with your staff.

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Social Media

Mater Facebook

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June 2016

Executive Portfolios

Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office

Under the leadership of our Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, this area supports the provision of an exceptional patient experience at Mater.


Finance works to create financial sustainability for Mater through: Decision Support Services,Health Planning and Performance,Financial Services and Business Systems and Solutions.

Human Resources

Mater’s Human Resources Division manage Mater’s various Human Resource functions (including SOMPak, Payroll Services and Recruitment) and our Volunteer Service.

Information and Technology

Mater’s Information and Technology Division manages Mater’s virtual infrastructure.

Infrastructure and Clinical Support

The Infrastructure and Clinical Support Services Division supports exceptional patient care through the provision of support services for patients and ensuring patients can access those services in an efficient manner.

Major Projects

Major Projects seeks to create and preserve value for Mater by effectively overseeing complex strategic initiatives and projects from inception through to implementation and transition to ‘business as usual’ across the organisation.

Mater Education

Mater Education is a nationally accredited, independent, hospital-based Registered Training Organisation (RTO code 5210)—the only one of its kind in Queensland.

Mater Foundation

Mater Foundation exists to link our community's philanthropic support to the work of Mater Health, Mater Education and Mater Research.

Mater Health

Under the leadership of our Chief Operating Officer, the Mater Health portfolio comprises all medical services across Mater’s hospitals and health centres.

Mater Research

Based on a commitment to academic medicine, Mater Research is a world class institute which aims to discover, develop, translate, and commercialise medical research that integrates with relevant areas of excellence with Mater.

Medical Management

Under the leadership of the Chief Medical Officer, the Medial Management Office works towards an improved approach to clinical governance, clinical service delivery, and teaching and research across all Mater facilities and services.

Mission Leadership

Mater’s Mission Leadership Division is responsible for leading the integration of the philosophy, Values, ethics and Mission of the healthcare ministry into all aspects of Mater.

Risk and Audit

The Risk and Audit Division was established in 2016 as part of the Exceptional Every Time Strategy, to increase Mater’s focus on key clinical, regulatory, business and compliance risks.

Strategy, Business Development and Marketing

Mater Group’s Strategy, Business Development and Marketing (SBDM) Portfolio was established as a single executive portfolio in 2016 to create a direct line of sight across Mater’s business endeavours, future state and market position.

Exceptional Every Time Strategy

The Mater Group Board has endorsed and embraced the Exceptional Every Time (EET) strategy.

The strategy supports the consistent and strategic integration of health, education and research for a healthy community. Mater’s contribution to a healthy community will come from our commitment to the provision of safe, low-variability, evidence-based healthcare which meets identified community need.

We intend to deliver this standard of care and service by enhancing and aligning existent capability and experience across Mater Health, Mater Education and Mater Research.

Our ability to consistently deliver an exceptional healthcare service requires a commitment from exceptional people. Mater People are called to act in line with the Mission and Values and principles of our organisation in order to continually meet the expectations of our patients and consumers.

Mater has devised a Performance Star, which aligns with our Mission and Values, to support Mater People to deliver on these aspects of continuous focus—safety, experience, quality, efficiency and future viability—which form the basis for all interactions, assessment and excellence across Mater’s business.

If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, that will improve Mater’s performance through one or more of these channels, speak to your manager, or email your idea to

How can we see the strategy in action?

Diagnostic Review Implementation—building a solid foundation

In order to support the EET strategy, Mater needs strong foundations in place. 

Following a ‘diagnostic review’ in November 2015 by external agency, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), recommendations for rapid and sustainable improvement were identified. These recommendations would ensure our foundations were solid. The Mater Board and Group Executive endorsed these recommendations. The Diagnostic Review Implementation commenced in April 2016 to action these recommendations. The program of work includes the following projects, led by Mater staff and overseen by Mater’s EET Program Management Office:

  • Length of Stay (Jonaelle Lucas)
  • Clinical Documentation and Coding  (Sallyanne Wissmann)
  • Theatres (Arna Chauncey)
  • Mater Pharmacy (Stephen Parry-Jones)
  • Medical Imaging (Kris Kite)
  • Mater Pathology (Deb Hornsby)
  • Procurement (Terry van der Ham)

A ‘Tactical’ project was executed by Craig Russell, and achieved quick wins across the organisation including standardising accommodation, travel and mobile usage policies, standardising surgical gloves and installing hand dryers in non-clinical areas. A Corporate and Back Office project also assisted Mater to achieve the right size workforce to support our clinical services.

Support and resources:

Transition to Clinical Streams (TTCS)—ensuring our workforce enables us to be Exceptional Every Time

Mater Health needs a functional structure which can support us to effectively deliver on the EET strategy. The new clinical stream structure will support clinicians through improved direct reporting lines and clear accountabilities with defined patient-centred areas of care, or clinical streams. 

Implementation has commenced and clinical streams are now functioning. Changes to reporting lines within the clinical stream structure occurred from 31 October 2016, and communication with impacted staff has occured. System changes will occur throughout November to reflect the reporting line changes. 

A key requirement of the TTCS Project is to consider the change implications for individuals, teams and Mater Health as a subsidiary of the broader Mater Group. A range of processes and methods will be used to ensure communication is provided and that issues and suggestions are considered throughout the transition. 

Support and resources

Other resources and support materials


SafeQuest is a combination of safety initiatives, risk management strategies and communication programs designed to address priority issues and build on the culture of safety across the entire Mater community—including staff, patients and visitors. Through SafeQuest, Mater aims to achieve zero preventable harm for patients, staff and visitors.

There are six core features which underpin SafeQuest:

  1. safety culture
  2. accountability and leadership
  3. high reliability
  4. safety learning
  5. measurement
  6. patient involvement.

How does SafeQuest work?

As you walk through Mater's facilities, you will notice various reminders about SafeQuest and the organisation’s commitment to safety. These reminders are for everybody and help us all to keep safety on the agenda. By working together and helping each other to be safe we believe we can change healthcare for everybody.

At Mater, we want everybody to be involved in safety and ask all our staff to:

  • remind people to act—speak up for safety
  • get involved—advocate for and participate in specific safety initiatives
  • be vigilant—keep safety at the forefront of everything we do
  • promote reporting of incidents and team collegiality.

SafeQuest initiatives

As part of SafeQuest, Mater has taken the challenge to focus on the following areas:

  • Healthcare associated infections
  • Medication safety
  • Falls prevention
  • Clinical handover and communicating for safety
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Recognition and response to deteriorating patients
  • Blood and blood transfusion safety
  • Patient identification and procedure matching
  • Caring for patients with cognitive impairment
  • End-of-life care.

As SafeQuest develops, we will continue to further develop and enhance our programs.

Quick Links

Mater Hair StudioMater Hair Studio offers Mater staff a free De Lorenzo leave in product (valued at $20) with all cut and colour services.

Mater Videos

The Hardest Choice—'Australian Story'

'Australian Story' recently shared how Mater helped turn heartbreak to hope for parents Claudine and David Fitzgibbon, as Claudine became the second person in Australia to undergo in-utero surgery for spina bifida at Mater Mothers. You can watch the episode in its entirety via ABC iView.

Mater People Stories

Watch Mater's 'Australian Story' episode on ABC iView

Australian Story have shared the story of Claudine and Dave Fitzgibbon, the second family to undergo in-utero spinal surgery for spina bifida at Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

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Sustainability at Mater wins global awards

Mater continues to win accolades for its Sustainability at Mater program.

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Happy Lunar New Year

Saturday 28 January marks the Lunar New Year, often referred to as ‘Chinese New Year’.

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Parent Aides provide much needed support

For more than 35 years Mater Parent Aides have volunteered to help more than 1000 families by providing much needed support and encouragement to mums and families caring for their babies and children.

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Mater Mothers celebrates 10 000 babies in 2016

Mater Mothers' has celebrated the 10 000th baby born for 2016—baby Rita Rose.

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NCCU marks first year of transition

Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) has marked one year since moving their babies into cohorts based on their reason for admission to improve patient outcomes and streamline medical treatment.

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Congratulations to our Mater Education Diploma of Nursing graduands!

Mater Education has celebrated the graduation of our Mater Education Diploma of Nursing students—congratulations!

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Mater patient walks after 12 years with Stiff Person Syndrome

For 12 years Rhonda Hodges has been unable to walk or sit comfortably in a chair, been in tremendous pain and only left the house to go medical appointments. After a chance meeting in a medical clinic with Mater specialist Dr Saul Geffen, Rhonda is not only walking again, she has regained life skills most people take for granted.

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2016 Mater Research Awards for Research Excellence—congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to our Mater researchers who were honoured at the 2016 Mater Research Awards for Research Excellence on 21 November.

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Mater wins Premier's Award

Mater is excited to have won the Premier's Award at the recent 2016 Premier's Sustainability Awards, presented by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Queensland. In addition to taking home the overall award in recognition of our Sustainability at Mater program, we also won the Business Eco-Efficiency Award and were a finalist in the Minister's Award for...

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Conclusion of the Holy Year of Mercy

Sunday 20 November 2016 marked the official end of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy—a special period of grace, peace and joy—during which we were encouraged to act with compassion and extend care beyond our own experiences and community.

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Mercy Super awarded the Rising Star Award

Congratulations to Mercy Super who have been awarded the 'SuperRatings Rising Star Award'.

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Mercy Week Mission Award winners announced

Mater People who go above and beyond the expectations of their role within the framework of our Mission and Values were honoured at the annual Mercy Week Mission Award ceremony.

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Spotlight on: Directors of Nursing

Mater has recently appointed our Directors of Nursing across all five clinical streams. Find out more about our newest nursing leaders.

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Celebrating the commitment and contribution of Mater People

The Mater Long Service Awards will be held on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

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Celebrating Proud Mater Dads this Father’s Day

Mater Mothers is excited to launch Proud Mater Dad 2016—our celebration of fathers and fatherhood in the lead up to Father’s Day.

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Celebrating the 'Heart of Mater'

Mater has celebrated the Holy Year of Mercy—a time of grace, peace and joy.

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Mater patient returns home to Philippines

Mater patient Gerhard Infante has returned to the Philippines after successful neurosurgery and rehabilitation to minimise the symptoms of a rare condition known as Lubag.

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Hope for Baby Sam

Mater Children’s Private Brisbane urological surgeon Dr David Winkle has changed the future for a Ugandan toddler affectionately known as Baby Sam. Sam was abandoned at a Ugandan hospital just after birth and suffers from the rare developmental abnormality bladder exstrophy which resulted in his bladder developing on the outside of his body.

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100 days of care for baby Solomon

Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit was home for baby Solomon for 100 days but on Thursday, he finally went home to the Gold Coast with his parents after being born on 22 March at just 25 weeks.

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World-first research in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit

A world-first research trial into the more efficient use of high flow oxygen on premature babies at Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) has been boosted with the support of a $500 000 donation from Golden Casket proceeds. Mater’s Neonatal Respiratory Group is conducting the trial, which involves measuring how hard the muscles work when a baby breathes to determine...

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Dr Geoffrey Hirst recognised during Queen's Birthday Honours List

Mater Board Director Dr Geoffrey Hirst has been honoured during the Queen’s Birthday 2016 Honours List, receiving a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the General Division for his significant service to medicine, particularly in the field of urology, as a clinician, and to medical education and administration.

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Purchase a 'break the chain' wristband and support efforts to eradicate human trafficking

Mater People have been invited to support The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy Australia and Papua New Guinea and Mercy International Association in their efforts to eradicate human trafficking, by purchasing 'break the chain' wristbands.

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Mater midwives recognised this International Midwives Day

Being a midwife is not just a job for Gai-Maree Payne, it’s been her “love” for the past 10 years at Mater. Gai-Maree is a midwife at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals and it’s her caring nature and passion for mothers and their babies that has led to her wining a Mater International Nurses and Midwives Day Award. Today Gai-Maree and her colleagues will...

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Advanced Life Support (ALS) Certification (Feb 2017)

Certification is a full-day (eight-hour) course. If you’re a clinician who has been certified within the past two years you can undergo recertification, which will take five...

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Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week, initiative of the Dietitians Association of Australia, raises awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle....

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Commencement of Lent 2017

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Advanced Life Support (ALS) Certification (Mar 2017)

Certification is a full-day (eight-hour) course. If you’re a clinician who has been certified within the past two years you can undergo recertification, which will take five...

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Easter 2017

Easter is a time for reflection and highlights the beliefs and certainties that bring us...

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